The Society for Economic Botany

Fostering research and education on the past, present, and future uses of plants by people.

Student Committee Nominations

We are seeking SEB Student Committee members for the upcoming council term. We are seeking 1 Student Representative-Elect and 3 Student Committee Members.

If you want to get more engaged with the SEB Society, this is your perfect opportunity to do so. The positions provide valuable experience, networking opportunities and possibilities to contribute to the field of economic botany through the SEB Society. If you are unsure about applying or have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

The descriptions for these positions are given below. Please read them carefully to decide which position may be of your interest.


Length of term: June 2023 – June 2025

Role: The student representative-elect serves a two-year term for the Society for Economic Botany. The first year is spent as the Vice President of the Student Committee and the second year as the Student President and as a member of the SEB Council, where you hold voting rights. This position is elected by the student members.

The Student Representative is responsible for spearheading student initiatives throughout their term and during their first year when they are the Vice President of the Student Committee. They are expected to support the outgoing Student Representative in these duties. The second year of the term involves stepping into the role of Student Representative and leading the Student Committee, while another election will be held to determine the subsequent Student Representative-Elect. At the annual meeting, they are also responsible for organizing a student social event, and for presenting a summary of the Student Committee activities during their term. The Student Representative also oversees the activities of the SEB Social Media Manager.

Though this position offers a very enriching opportunity and leadership experience, it also represents a more significant time commitment than the general Student Committee members. Please consider your willingness and ability to work these positions along with your other obligations when applying.


Length of term: June 2023 – June 2025

Role: Student Committee members serve two-year terms and provide support to the Student Representative and Student Representative-Elect. This position is selected by the Student Representative and Student Representative-Elect to allow students who have not previously held the roles to have a turn.

The regular duties involve maintaining the social media pages and student blog of the Student Committee, as well as stepping in to help with the organisation of student events and initiatives.


The Student Representative-Elect position is open to currently enrolled MSc and PhD students.

For this position, please send a resume as well as a 300-word cover letter that speaks to your qualifications for this position and what you hope to achieve as the Student Representative. Make sure your name and institutional affiliation are clearly listed. Please note that the text from this cover letter will be shared with the student body when it comes time to vote.

Application for the Student Committee member is open to currently enrolled undergraduate, master, or doctoral students.

For this position, please send a 300-word letter including what you would bring to the Student Committee in this role as well as your educational history and interests within the field of ethnobotany. Please ensure that you include your institutional affiliation and current level of study.

Submissions should be sent to the Student Representative Ella Vardeman ( with all necessary documents attached. In your application/email subject, please indicate which position you are applying for.

The deadline for these applications is 30 April 2023. After that, the Student Representative will contact the person who has been selected for the Student Committee position. For those applying for the Student Representative-Elect position, an election by student members will be held soon after the deadline via the SEB emails. The successful candidate will be first contacted by the Student Representative and then publicly announced through the SEB emails and/or website and media.