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January 16,2014

Attention Postdocs and new faculty: The University of Virginia’s, Mountain Lake Biological Station (MLBS) in the southern Appalachians is excited to offer a limited number of fellowships to support station and residency costs for researchers to explore new projects or collect preliminary data. This is a rare opportunity to make an extended stay of up to 2 months at one of North America’s premier field stations at no cost to the researcher.  Preference will be given to individuals and projects with the potential to develop into long-term research activities at the Station. We especially encourage applications from individuals in the postdoctoral or early faculty phases of their careers, but will not exclude other individuals from consideration.

Interested individuals should submit a single pdf file including CV and a 2-3 pp proposal outlining the proposed research Review of proposals will begin March 14, 2014. For more information about the fellowship program, research opportunities or Mountain Lake Biological Station (, please contact the Director – Butch Brodie (


Melissa Ivy Wender
Office Manager
Mountain Lake Biological Station
University of Virginia
064 Gilmer Hall (PO Box 400327, Cville, VA 22904)