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Fostering research and education on the past, present, and future uses of plants by people.

Director of Ethno/Economic Botany Contacts

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Name Link Field Affiliation
Miguel Alexiades Website Ethnobotany and environmental anthropology University of Kent
Andrew Almas Website Urban forestry and landscape management University of British Columbia
Karioti Anastasia Website Chemistry of medicinal and food plants Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Wendy Applequist Website Ethnobotany, systematics Missouri Botanical Garden
Michael Balick Website Ethnobotany of medicinal and food plants New York Botanical Garden
Kelly Bannister Website Ecological Governance POLIS project on ecological governance
John Barnett Website Climate change adaptation, ecology, land use University of Melbourne
Rudolf Bauer Website Medicinal plants, drug discovery University of Graz
Bradley Bennet Website Ethnobotany Florida International University
Sunshine Brosi Website Ethnobotany Frostburg State University
Janette Bulkan Website Aboriginal forestry  
Mary Cameron Website Ethnobotany of medicinal plants Florida Atlantic University
Thomas Carlson Website Ecology and ethnobotany University of California, Berkley
Robin Currey Website Agriculture and home gardens Prescott College
Catherine D'Andrea Website Paleoethnobotany Simon Fraser University
Jillian De Gezelle Website Ethnobotany Tropical Conservation Consortium
John de la Parra Website Ethnobotany Harvard University Herbarium
Manuel Pardo de Santayana Website Ethnobotany Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Helene de Wet Website Ethnobotany University of Zululand
Jurgen Ehlting Website Plant secondary metabolites and their applications University of Victoria
Bethany Elkington Website Ethnobotany of medicinal plants University of Illinois at Chicago
Jacobus Eloff Website Medicinal plants University of Pretoria
Maria Fadiman Website Ethnobotany Florida Atlantic University
Taiye Fasola Website Ethnobotany University of Ibadan
Andrew Flachs Website Ethnobotany Purdue University
Denise Glover Website Ethnobotany University of Puget Sound
Jade d'Alpoim Guedes Website Paleoethnobotany University of California, San Diego
Michael Heinrich Website Medicinal plants, drug discovery University College London
Shalene Jha Website Conservation and foraging ecology University of Texas at Austin
Timothy Johns Website Ethnobotany McGill
Monika Kujawska Website Ethnobotany, environmental anthropology University of Lodz
Namrita Lall Website Medicinal plants, drug discovery University of Pretoria
Manuel Lizarralde Website Ethnobotany Connecticut College
Łukasz Łuczaj Website Ethnobotany University of Rzeszów
Nox Makunga Website Drug discovery and ethnobotany of medicinal plants Stellenbosch University
John Marston Website Paleoethnobotany Boston University
Peter Matthews Website Ethnobotany National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku)
Karen McNamara Website Climate change effects on land use, livelihood, etc. The University of Queensland
Mark Merlin Website Ethnobotany University of Hawaii at Manoa
Kamal Mohamed Website Ethnobotany State University of New York at Oswego
Shanti Morell-Hart Website Paleoethnobotany McMaster
Pulok Mukherjee Website Ethnobotany oif medicinal plants, drug discovery and design Ethnobotany oif medicinal plants, drug discovery and design
Lorien Nesbitt Website Urban planning and forestry University of British Columbia
Mark Nesbitt Website Ethnobotany Kew Gardens
Elizabeth Olson Website Ethnobotany Southern Utah University
Blair Orr Website Forest management, ethnobotany Michigan Tech
Aswini Pai Website Ethnobotany, ecology St. Lawrence University
Deepak Raj Pant Website Phytochemistry of medicinal plants Tribhuvan University
Krishna Pant Website Medicinal and Edible plants Tribhuvan University
Andrea Pieroni Website Ethnobotany University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo
Zbyněk Polesný Website Ethnobotany and ethnobiology Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague
Daniel Potter Website Ethnobotany University of California, Davis
Rajindra Puri Website Ethnobotany University of Kent
Cassandra Quave Website Drug discovery, ethnobotany Emory University
Marsha Quinlan Website Ethnobotany and medical anthropology Washington State University
Nanci Ross Website Ethnobotany and ethnoecology Drake University
Jan Salick Website Ethnobotany Missouri Botanical Garden
Danielka Shebitz Website Ethnobotany, ethnoecology Kean University
Renata Sõukand Website Ethnobotany Università Ca' Foscari Vernezia
John Stepp Website Ethnobotany University of Florida
Tamara Ticktin Website Conservation and resource management University of Hawaii at Manoa
John Tuxill Website Ethnobotany Western Washington University
Tinde van Andel Website Ethnobotany Wageningen University and Research
Johannes van Staden Website Ethnobotany, biotechnology, ethnomedicine University of Kwazulu-Natal
Ben-Erik van Wyk Website Ethnobotany of medicinal plants University of Johannesburg
Ina Vandebroek Website Ethnobotany New York Botanical Garden
Robert Voeks Website Ethnobotany California State University, Fullerton
Christian Vogel Website Ethnobotany University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Gail Wagner Website Enthobotany, paleoethnobotany University of South Carolina
Toshiyuki Wakimoto Website Active substances in food and medicinal plants Hokkaido University
Anna Waldstein Website Ethnobotany University of Kent
Sarah Walshaw Website Ethnbotany Simon Fraser University
Steven Weber Website Paleoethnobotany Washington State University
Caroline Weckerle Website Ethnobotany University of Zurich
Christophe Wiart Website Ethnobotany of mediicnal plants University of Nottingham
Zhao Zhongzhen Website Traditional Chinese Medicine Hong Kong Baptist University
Carly Ziter Website Urban landscape use and conservation Concordia
Tropical Indigenous Ethnobotany Centre Website Ethnobotany of Australia James Cook University