Field Trips

Field trips are still under development.  There are many local attractions that will make interesting field trips.  Those that are confirmed so far include a tour of the Aztalan archaeological site (occupied 1100-1250 CE and thought to be affiliated with Cahokia), led by Dr. Sissel Schroeder, Archaeologist at UW-Madison, and also a tour of several sites demonstrating ancient agricultural raised fields and other ancient land modification practices, led by Dr. William Gartner, Department of Geography of UW-Madison.

Other attractions that we hope to include as field trips would include some right within Madison, including effigy mounds within campus and many sites around the city; the UW-Madison Arboretum, which includes the world’s oldest prairie restoration and other remnants (; and Olbrich Botanical Gardens, with 16 acres of outdoor gardens and a tropical conservatory.  A bit further afield is Growing Power<b style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;"> ( an urban agriculture and empowerment project with greenhouses and aquaculture in Milwaukee, WI.  Wisconsin is famous for beer and cheese, so tours of a cheese factory and brewery would be possible.  Other trip options are under development.