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Books Needing Reviewers

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If you see a book you would like to review, make your request to Book Review Editor.

REVIEW POLICY: Because of problems with a few reviewers, there is a strict review policy. Those asking to review these books are thereby agreeing to this policy. Reviewers who do not return reviews to me according to schedule will be given three options:

  1. provide a review,
  2. pay the going rate for the book so we can replace it, or
  3. send the book back to the book review editor ASAP.

Reviewers needed for:

Anglo-Saxon Crops and Weeds: A Case Study in Quantitative Archaeobotany. McKerracher, Mark. 2019. Archaeopress, Summertown, U.K. viii + 204 pp. (paperback). GBP 35.00, USD 56.00 [eBook, open access]. ISBN 978-1-78969-192-4.

Darwin’s Most Wonderful Plants. A Tour of his Botanical Legacy. Thompson, Ken. 2018. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL. 256 pp. (hardcover). USD 25.00. ISBN 978-0-226-67567-1.

Early Farming in Dalmatia. Pokrovnik and Danilo Bitinj: Two Neolithic Villages in Southeast Europe. Moore, Andrew, Marko Menđušić, Lawrence Brown, Sue Colledge, Robert Giegengack, Thomas Higham, Vladimir Hršak, Anthony Legge, Drago Marguš, Sarah McClure, Carol Palmer, Emil Podrug, Kelly Reed, Jennifer Smith, and Joško Zaninović. 2019. Archaeopress Publishing Ltd., Summertown, U.K. x + 104 pp. (paperback). GBP 26.00, USD 42.00 [eBook, open access]. ISBN 978-1-78969-158-0.

Economic Zooarchaeology. Studies in Hunting, Herding and Early Agriculture. Rowley-Conwy, Peter, Dale Serjeantson, and Paul Halstead, eds. 2017 [reprinted 2019]. Oxbow Books, Oxford, U.K., and Havertown, PA. xvi + 298 pp. (paperback). GBP 30.00. ISBN 978-1-78925-340-5.

Folk Herbal Medicine and Drug Discovery. Katewa, S.S. 2012 [reprinted 2019]. Scientific Publishers, Jodhpur, India. vi + 299 pp. (paperback). INR 550.00, USD 16.66. ISBN 978-93-88043-34-2.

How Nature Works: Rethinking Labor on a Troubled Planet. Besky, Sarah, and Alex Blanchette, eds. 2019. School for Advanced Research Press, Santa Fe, NM, and University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, NM. x + 261 pp. (paperback). USD 39.95. ISBN 978-0-8263-6085-4.

Mulberry. Coles, Peter. 2019. Reaktion Books Ltd., London, UK, distributed by University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL. 256 pp. (hardcover). USD 27.00. ISBN 978-1-78914-142-9.

Traditional and Indigenous Knowledge for the Modern Era. A Natural and Applied Science Perspective. Katerere, David R., Wendy Applequist, Oluwaseyi M. Aboyade, and Chamunorwa Togo, eds. 2020 [2019]. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL. xvi + 339 pp. (hardcover). USD 99.95. ISBN 978-1-138-03429-7.

Updated as of November 26, 2019